Sentence Examples with the word Quarries

It has extensive locomotive works, and there are large stone quarries in the district.

Metal-founding, leather-dressing, printing and the manufacture of boots and shoes and hosiery are carried on; there are quarries of paving-stone, nurseries and market gardens in the vicinity, and the town has important markets for cereals and sheep.

There is a large agricultural trade, and linen and leather manufactures and the quarries also employ a considerable number of persons.

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On the other side of the lake are the so-called Quarries of the Hyenas, from which the building material for the town was obtained.

The largest granite quarries are near Barre, Washington county, a city which owes its importance to the quarries.

The range of Taygetus is well watered and was in ancient times covered with forests which afforded excellent hunting to the Spartans, while it had also large iron mines and quarries of an inferior bluish marble, as well as of the famous rosso antico of Taenarum.

The neighbourhood abounds in ironworks, collieries, quarries and potteries, and is thickly populated.

Cottonmills, woollen-factories, ironworks, flagstone quarries at Elland Edge, and fire-clay works employ the industrial population.

The centre of the quarries is Dunnellon in Marion county, and pebble phosphate is found in Hillsboro, Polk, De Soto, Osceola, Citrus and Hernando counties.

The Mithraeum hewn in the tufa quarries of the Capitoline Hill at Rome, still in existence during the Renaissance, is an example.