Sentence Examples with the word Quarrelled

Af ter the death of Cretheus, Pelias made himself master of the kingdom of Iolous, having previously quarrelled with Neleus, who removed to Messenia, where he founded Pylos.

They quarrelled violently in 1229, at Portsmouth, when the king was with difficulty prevented from stabbing Hubert, because a sufficient supply of ships was not forthcoming for an expedition to France.

But he quarrelled with the fickle king, and adhered crc long to the party of opposition.

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When Hamilton continued to press his odious pretensions they quarrelled (1765), and Burke threw up his pension.

He eventually quarrelled with his friend Bochart, who accused him of having suppressed a line in Origen in the Eucharistic controversy.

After the death of Clotaire in 670 he became ruler of the three Frankish kingdoms, Austrasia, Neustria and Burgundy, but soon quarrelled with some supporters in Neustria, and was assassinated whilst hunting.

Husband and wife quarrelled with the brutality of the age and came to open war.

He was exceedingly jealous of foreign interference, and quarrelled with France on questions connected with the rights of foreign residents.

In 1803 he quarrelled with the Bey, was ordered from the country, and returned to the United States to urge American intervention for the restoration of Ahmet Karamanli to the throne of Tripoli, arguing that this would impress the Barbary States with the power of the United States.

These marriages suited the views of France and Louis Philippe, who nearly quarrelled in consequence with Great Britain; but both matches were anything but happy.