Sentence Examples with the word Qua

As Bacon would say, it is a belief that all individual bodies qua hot are individually but similarly moving in their particles.

A copy, qua copy, can never be the equal of the exemplar, and it may be much its inferior.

According to another point of view, an arboretum should be constructed with regard to picturesque beauty rather than systematically, although it is admitted that for scientific purposes a systematic arrangement is a sine qua non.

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As spring merges into summer, sunny days become more frequent; the ever-increasing breadth of beeforage yields still more abundantly, and the excitement among the labourers crowding the hives increases, rendering room in advance, shade and ventilation, a sine qua non.

Pars prima, in qua primum de rebus per Angliam et Scotiam gestis atque in primis de horrenda sub Maria nuper regina persecutione narratio continetur.

While, therefore, there is apparently no correspondence between the area of the wing and the animal to be raised, there is, except in the case of sailing insects, birds and bats, an unvarying relation as to the weight and number of oscillations; so that the problem of flight would seem to resolve itself into one of weight, power, velocity and small surfaces, versus buoyancy, debility, diminished speed and extensive surfaces - weight in either case being a sine qua non.

Perini, Di qua dal Mareb (Florence, 1905), a monograph on the Asmara zone; F.

If the world exists purely to be known, and if every other working of reason comes into consideration qua incomplete knowledge, Hegel is right with his sweeping intellectualism.

His most important work is Notitia utriusque Vasconiae, turn Ibericae, tum Aquitanicae, qua praeter situm regionis et alia scitu digna, Navarrae regum coeterarumquo: in its insignum vetustate et dignitate familiarum.

Quadrifolia), has b, Scar of this year's, and c, d, e, scars of qua solitary tetrato three preceding years' aerial shoots.