Sentence Examples with the word QUIET,

In still other ways was the figure of Godfrey idealized by the grateful tradition of later days; but in reality he would seem to have been a quiet, pious, hard-fighting knight, who was chosen to rule in Jerusalem because he had no dangerous qualities, and no obvious defects.

Rainy's voice was quiet, and Damian sensed his heartfelt gratitude.

She lay quiet, simply enjoying the feel of him.

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The following six years were spent in comparative quiet, broken, however, by a visit to Rome in 1565; but in 1570 Granvella, at the call of Philip, resumed public life by accepting another mission to Rome.

The forces of the khalifa remaining quiet, the sirdar visited Kassala and negotiated with the Italian General Caneva for its restoration to Egypt.

The night was quiet, no insects chirping, no water gurgling.

Everything looked quiet, until she checked her micro again and saw that the decryption program had begun popping up the messages that had been repressed in the comms system.

Ashley's backpack and bracelets were in the quiet, darkened room.

The queen's private life during the decade 1870-80 was one of quiet, broken only by one great sorrow when the Princess Alice died in 1878.

She needed a quiet, safe place where she could channel Rhyn.s power to call forth a portal.