Sentence Examples with the word Pursed

Connie pursed her lips and whistled softly.

Daniela.s lips were pursed and her frown deep.

Miriam pursed her lips then threw her hands up.

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Elise pursed her lips, and Lana was surprised to see her eyes water.

He searched her gaze and pursed his lips but lifted his chin toward the house.

There was nothing so very particular, perhaps, about the appearance of the elderly man I saw; he was brown and brawny, like most old seamen, and heavily rolled up in blue pilot-cloth, cut in the Quaker style; only there was a fine and almost microscopic net-work of the minutest wrinkles interlacing round his eyes, which must have arisen from his continual sailings in many hard gales, and always looking to windward;--for this causes the muscles about the eyes to become pursed together.

Andre pursed his lips in displeasure as Kris reappeared.

She pursed her lips in a pout, and then jumped up to a music cabinet and opened a drawer.