Sentence Examples with the word Punched

The manifold plate is then heavily punched from one side, so that the opposite face protrudes in broken blisters, which are then hammered down until each becomes a centre of wave propagation.

She punched slowly a few times until she was certain she'd corrected her punch.

She punched him in the arm, and he feigned a look of pain.

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Dusty ignored Bianca's searching look and punched the button for the ground floor.

Often when he went his rounds I clung to his coat tails while he collected and punched the tickets.

Permanent labels may also be made from sheet lead, the names being punched in by means of steel type.

Harmony punched Past-Death hard.

Later, in conjunction with Prof. Fleeming Jenkin, he devised his automatic curb sender, an appliance for sending signals by means of punched telegraphic paper tape.

One day she brought me a sheet that she had punched full of holes, and wanted to put it in an envelope and take it to the post-office.

With medium or moderately hard steel all rivet holes should be drilled, or punched e in.