Sentence Examples with the word Pulled

She screamed and darted for the door, but he caught her and pulled her close again.

All these types of plough are virtually hoes pulled through the ground, breaking but not inverting the soil.

His muscles were still bulging from exertion of his visit to the gym, and her gaze stayed on his biceps as he pulled on his boots.

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Frantic, Yully pulled Jule to his feet and tried to balance him.

He pulled her into his body, and the intensity of the strange hunger within her expanded.

When the ad was pulled from the paper, the seller told the clerk he had just had a cash sale for his asking price.

The bedspread was pulled back enough to prop up the pillow by the phone, but the bed had not been uncovered for sleeping.

His master glanced over to make sure Two was in his assigned corner, and then pulled off the visitor's clothing.

In Nemertines the everted proboscis is retracted in the same way as the tip of a glove finger would be if it were pulled backwards by a thread situated in the axis and attached to the tip. The comparison may be carried still further.

The white line of enamel, which is seen in some thermometers behind the bore, is introduced before the mass of glass is pulled out.