Sentence Examples with the word Prorogued

Parliament was prorogued for fifteen months until the 15th of February 1677, and it was determined by the opposition to attack its existence on the ground that a prorogation for more than a year was illegal.

Crispi, helped by Mancini and Cardinal Pecci (afterwards Leo persuaded the Sacred College to hold the conclave in Rome, and prorogued the chamber lest any untoward manifestation should mar the solemnity of the event.

To prevent this bill from passing into law, Charles had dissolved parliament in July 1679, and in the following October had prorogued its successor without allowing it to meet.

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Traquhair, as royal commissioner, prorogued parliament; negotiations with the king in London had no result; and in 1640 the prorogation was contemned, and though opposed by Montrose, the parliament constituted itself, with no royal warrant.

They brought in repeated motions to impeach the ministers, and parliament had to be prorogued in June, although no business of any kind had been transacted.

The result was a deadlock; and, even before the promulgation of the Carlsbad decrees in October 1819 the grand-duke had prorogued the chambers, after three months of sterile debate.

After a two days' session the legislature was prorogued until May 1908, when the chief measure submitted by the government was an education bill designed to foster the knowledge of the Dutch language.

After a brief session it was prorogued to the 1st of February 1849, and when it met on that date a deadlock between king and parliament occurred.

He began by making use of the necessity of resisting Monmouth to increase his army, under the pretext of the danger of a repetition of the late rebellion; and ir, the regiments thus levied he appointed many Roman Catholic officers who had refused to comply with the Test Act., Rather than submit to the gentlest remonstrance, he prorogued parliament, and proceeded to obtain from the court of kings bench a judgment in favor of his right to dispense with all penalties due by law, in the same way that his grandfather had appealed to the judges in the matter of the post-nati.

Both book and sermon were reported on by a committee appointed by the Lower House of Convocation in May, and steps would have been taken by the archbishop and bishops had not the government stepped in (Hoadly denied that this was at his request) and prorogued Convocation till November.