Sentence Examples with the word Propped

His was the only form in one piece; he was propped up against the base of a tree.

She propped up on one elbow and met his gaze.

Dessalles slept propped up on four pillows and his Roman nose emitted sounds of rhythmic snoring.

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Carmen closed the barn door and propped it shut with a board.

Every night, Tiyan warriors lit channels of fire around the field east of the walls using oil pans propped up by wooden stilts.

She propped it on the railing and tried to manipulate the box, wondering if dropping it messed up something.

You'll be propped on your backside eating shrimp and steak.

He flung himself down in the chair again and propped up his forehead with his hands.

When Elisabeth woke, Jackson was propped on his elbow watching her.

The entrance was propped open and guarded by three men.