Sentence Examples with the word Prolonging

The sales of Domains and Daira lands were to be restricted to E.300,000 a year each, thus prolonging the period of liquidation of those estates.

Dean knew he was only prolonging the chore of relating their failure.

The revolving masses are truly balanced by balance weights placed between ' the spokes of the wheels, or sometimes by prolonging the crank-webs and forming the prolongation into balance weights.

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When elected pope, or rather anti pope, by the cardinals of Avignon, on the 28th of September 1 394, it was he who by his astuteness, his resolution, and, it may be added, by his unswerving faith in the justice of his cause, was to succeed in prolonging the lamentable schism of the West for thirty years.

He discloses as a great secret the use of a concave speculum in front of the aperture, to collect the rays passing through it, when the images will be seen reversed, but by prolonging them beyond the centre they would be seen larger and unreversed.

A simple, practical boundary between the three oceans can be obtained by prolonging the meridian of the southern extremity of each of the three southern continents to the Antarctic circle.

We considered letting nature take its course but we felt guilty in prolonging the family's agony.

After the revolution Tirpitz was one of those against whom German popular animosity was chiefly directed as being the inspirer of the naval and world policy which led to the war, and also the most powerful influence in prolonging it.

The capacity for hardening is an invaluable property not only in regard to cutting-tools, but also in prolonging the life of parts subjected to severe friction.

Which it began, after Malplaquet, to think might be purchased at too heavy a cost, the nation wanted a convenient excuse for relinquishing a burdensome war, which the great military genius of the age was suspected of prolonging to fill his pockets.