Sentence Examples with the word Procedures

Both of these procedures are arbitrary in their principle, and liable to be erratic in their application.

Two procedures are adopted: (1) graphitization of moulded carbons; (2) graphitization of anthracite en masse.

Furthermore, incommensurable numbers are defined as the limits arrived at as the result of certain procedures with rational numbers.

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That certain Fellows of the College of Physicians (especially in gynaecology) have personally taken operative procedures in hand is some good omen that in time the unreal and mischievous schism between medicine and surgery may be bridged over.

The procedures were rewritten to be in compliance with legislation.

The procedures for accessing the keypads were strict: only those authorized to do so were allowed to, and then only when no one unauthorized was in the room and the door sealed with the alarm activated.

There are emerging procedures that will help people who need it, but the cost is beyond what any hospital will spend, knowing no one can pay for it.

After making the changes, the lawmakers have never apologized for the lack of clarity in the procedures for regulatory compliance.

We propose hereto notice briefly the several parts of a flowering plant, and to point out the rationale of the cultural procedures connected with them (see the references to separate articles at the end of article on Botany).

Similar procedures are used for the intestine, and one of the best methods of treating the diarrhoea consequent upon the presence of irritating substances in the intestinal canal is to give a dose of castor-oil together with a few drops of laudanum.