Sentence Examples with the word Priscilla

So that De Rossi did not hesitate to complete an inscription on a broken stone thus: - De Rossi began his excavations in the cemetery of Santa Priscilla in 1851, but for thirty years nothing but what had been described by Bosio came to light.

Epaenetus (5), Aquila and Priscilla (3), who were at Ephesus immediately before Romans was written (Acts xviii.

His father, Edward Wakefield (1774-1854), author of Ireland, Statistical and Political (1812), was a surveyor and land agent in extensive practice; his grandmother, Priscilla Wakefield (1751-1832), was a popular author for the young, and one of the introducers of savings banks.

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Is your phone at home busted? he asked as he sat down and asked Priscilla for a coffee.