Sentence Examples with the word Printed

The first translation into modern English was by Miss Anna Gurney, privately printed in 1819.

Poschiavo in the Grisons) but was printed by John Wolfe in London, where Castelvetri was staying; the name of the alleged printer is an anagram of Jacobum Castelvetrum.

The Queen, or the Excellency of the Sea, a play of inverted passion, containing some fine sensuous lines, printed in 1653 by Alexander Singhe for private performance, has been recently edited by W.

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Renaissance thinkers were so focused on the Classical Era that when cheap printing came along, thanks to Gutenberg, much that was printed (aside from theological works) was either Greek or Roman classics, commentaries on Greek or Roman classics, or imitations of Greek and Roman classics.

He was continually being fined for allowing his pigs to stray in the street, selling bad meat, letting his house to doubtful characters for illegal purposes, and generally infringing the by-laws respecting weights and measures (extracts from the Ipswich records, printed in the Athenaeum, 1900, i.

I quickly learned that each printed word stood for an object, an act, or a quality.

The library of San Marco contains upwards of 35,000 printed volumes and about 10,000 manuscripts.

She had learned the printed letters, and for some time had amused herself by making simple sentences, using slips on which the words were printed in raised letters; but these sentences had no special relation to one another.

Heyne, De fontibus et auctoribus historiarum Diodori, printed in Dindorf's edition, and C. A.

In 1614 was performed at Coster's academy Hooft's comedy of Ware-nar, an adaptation of the Aulularia of Plautus, first printed in 1617.