Sentence Examples with the word Princesse

See Gaspar Muro, La Princesse d'Eboli (Paris, 1878); and W.

Being childless, and with a husband who could not command her respect, her longing for affection led her to form various intimate friendships, above all with the princesse de Lamballe and the comtesse Jules de Polignac, who soon obtained such an empire over her affections that no favour was too great for them to ask, and often to obtain.

To this period also belong La Princesse Amalie (1828), and Marino Faliero (1829), a drama in the romantic style.

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Gonino and Conant); a romance, Une Princesse indienne avant la conquete (1888); A travers les forets vierges (1890); and Manuscrit Ramirez: Histoire de l'origine des Indiens qui habitent la Nouvelle Espagne scion leurs traditions (1903).

Her husband died soon after; and calling herself the Princesse Marie de Solms, she spent her time in various fashionable places and dabbled in literature, Eugene Sue and Francois Ponsard being prominent in her court of admirers.

The name Soubise appears again in the military history of France in the person of Charles De Rohan, Prince De Soubise (1715-1787), peer and marshal of France, the grandson of the princesse de Soubise, who is known to history as one of the mistresses of Louis XIV.

On his arrival at Madrid he found the princesse des Ursins all but omnipotent with the king, and for a time he judged it expedient to use her influence in carrying out his plans.

When the succession of Cleves and of Julich, so long expected and already discounted by the treaty of Halle (1610), was opened up in Germany, the great war was largely due to an access of senile passion for the charms of the princesse de Cond.

His first book was the fictitious Memoires d'Anne de Gonzague, princesse palatine (1786), thought by many people at the time to be genuine.