Sentence Examples with the word Presse

The Frankfurter Journal was founded in 1615, the Postzeitung in 1616, the Neue Frankfurter Zeitung in 1859, and the Frankfurter Presse in 1866.

De la Presse en Angleterre et aux Etats Unis (1857); Madden, Hist.

Welschinger, La Censure sous le premier Empire (Paris, 1882); C. van Schoor, La Presse sous le consulat et l'empire (Brussels, 1899); M.

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Jordell, Repertoire bibliographique des principales revues francaises (3 vols., 1897-1899, 1898-1900), indexes about 350 periodicals; Annuaire de la presse francaise et du monde politique (1909-1910); Le Soudier, Annuaire des journaux, revues et publications periodiques parus a Paris jusqu'en 1909 (1910).

He brought out in the Presse (1849) a series of Confidences, and somewhat later a kind of autobiography, entitled Raphael.

None of these aims were attained; for the trial, which turned on the evidence of the police spy Nastic (already chief witness in the doubtful Cettinje bomb trial of 1908) degenerated into a public scandal, owing to the conduct of the judges and public prosecutor, and rallied Croat public opinion in defence of the S3 Serb victims. Serbo-Croat solidarity became still more apparent when the Austrian historian Dr. Friedjung, in the Neue Freie Presse of March 25 1909, openly charged the leaders of the Serbo-Croat coalition with being in the pay of Serbia.