Sentence Examples with the word Prefixed

In the Septuagint column he drew attention to those passages for which there was no Hebrew equivalent by prefixing an obelus; but where the Septuagint had nothing corresponding to the Hebrew text he supplied the omissions, chiefly but not entirely from the translation of Theodotion, placing an asterisk at the beginning of the interpolation; the close of the passage to which the obelus or the asterisk was prefixed was denoted by the metobelus.

The more important nuclei of this type have received special and non-systematic names; when this is not the case, such terms as phen-, benzo-, naphthoare prefixed to the name of the heterocyclic ring.

A isse et le Chevalier d'Aydie (Macon, 1900); and notices prefixed to the editions of 1846 and 1873.

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There was then prefixed to the whole collection a hymn (Ps.

In the older Aramaic dialects this is used exactly as the noun with prefixed article is used in other languages; but in Syriac the emphatic state has lost this special function of making the noun definite, and has become simply the normal state of the noun.

Harvey (not Bacon) is the only Englishman he mentions in the dedicatory epistle prefixed to the De corpore, among the founders, before himself, of the new natural philosophy.

We certainly need not suppose that the Davidic, Asaphic and Korahite psalms severally once existed as separate books, for, if this had been the case, it is probable that the ascription would not have been prefixed to each separate psalm, but rather to the head of each collection (cf.

The best account of the 15th Lord Derby is that which was prefixed by W.

Birch was prefixed to the 1742 edition of Chillingworth's Works.

In addition to memoirs prefixed to editions of his sermons, there are lives of Latimer by R.