Sentence Examples with the word Preferring

The plant grows freely in good garden soil, preferring a deep welldrained loam, and is all the better for a top-dressing of manure as it approaches the flowering stage.

Frequents woods, preferring such as have a large growth of underwood and are in the neighbourhood of cultivated ground.

At the university he made rapid progress, especially in jurisprudence, though preferring the study of history, literature, juridical science and philosophy.

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Philologists and lovers of language everywhere will shake their fists at me for predicting and even preferring such a thing.

Rupicola, 2 to 3 in., intense blue, is a fine rock plant, preferring shady situations and gritty soil; M.

Wished James to marry his daughter Mary, while other ladies had been suggested by the emperor Charles V.; but the Scottish king, preferring a French bride, visited France, and in January 1537 was married at Paris to Madeleine, daughter of King Francis I.

Sarah never understood the appeal, preferring their estates in Europe.

He wasn't what she expected for the owner who liked everything alphabetized and orderly, preferring structure to spontaneity.

Violent accusations followed, indignantly repudiated; a diplomatic correspondence ensued, and a demand was made, and supported by the grand duke, for an apology, which the professor refused to make, preferring rather to lose his chair.

His own wish was to call Abu Ahmad, a son of Moktafi, or a son of Moqtadir, to the Caliphate, but the majority of generals preferring Qahir because he was an adult man and had no mother at his side, he acquiesced, although he had a personal dislike for him, knowing his selfish and cruel character.