Sentence Examples with the word Predicting

So nothing is unreasonable or even unlikely about predicting that the technological problems of today will have technological solutions.

During the first half of the 9th century B.C. He is introduced as predicting the drought 2 God was to send upon Israel as a punishment for the apostasy into which Ahab had been led by his heathen wife Jezebel.

I think it is because they traditionally make one of two fatal errors in their approach to predicting the future.

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In the last years of his short life he engaged actively in politics, and made speeches in Paris and in Moscow in the beginning of 1882 in favour of a militant Panslavism, predicting a desperate strife between Teuton and Sla y.

He was president of the Union, and impressed all his contemporaries with his intellectual ability, Dr Jowett himself confidently predicting his signal success in any career he adopted.

Philologists and lovers of language everywhere will shake their fists at me for predicting and even preferring such a thing.

The outcome of his discoveries was, not only to perfect the geometrical plan of the solar system, but to enhance very materially the predicting power of astronomy.

Besides investigating other phenomena connected with a vacuum, he constructed an electrical machine which depended on the excitation of a rotating ball of sulphur; and he made successful researches in astronomy, predicting the periodicity of the return of comets.

Next follow minatory discourses (iv.-vii.) predicting the siege and capture of Jerusalem - perhaps revised after the event.