Sentence Examples with the word Practicing

Natalie, Matthew and Destiny are all in bed asleep and Jonathan is practicing his violin.

Jonathan was practicing with some friends for a band they were forming.

Carmen had been practicing with some basic equipment and managed to decorate a cake for Alex's birthday.

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When I'm not studying medicine, I'm practicing it at the hospital.

Most of the boys she dated would never have thought of practicing the age-old custom of walking around the car to open her door, or guiding her through the crowd with a gentle hand on one elbow.

He was merely a friendly neighbor practicing southern hospitality.

Only when they reached the small bed and breakfast that was their destination did she cease practicing her magic.

She could almost see him standing before his mirror practicing the line before going to the bars to pick up chicks.

A set of boy-warriors were practicing with grey swords in the grassy courtyard.

I was practicing swords with the boys in the yard.