Sentence Examples with the word Pounds

It weighs about three pounds or one-fortieth of the body weight.

Specimens of eight and ten pounds weight have been taken by rod and fly fishermen from the Big Laramie river.

The large weights of ounces and pounds are disks or cuboid blocks; they are dated from 720 to 785 for the lesser, and to A.D.

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When suffrage had thus come to be a thing really worth possessing, the proprietor, in 1670, sought to check the opposition by disfranchising all freemen who did not have a freehold of fifty acres or a visible estate of forty pounds sterling.

For many purposes a gravitational system of measurement is most natural; thus we speak of a force of so many pounds or so many kilogrammes.

Another period of want followed, and it was only by persistent solicitation that Heyne was able to obtain the post of under-clerk in the count's library, with a salary of somewhat less than twenty pounds sterling.

I may have gained a few pounds driving around the countryside but I refute the label chubby and all its intonations.

The sizes rise in pounds up to about 20 lb, then by 2 lb up to about 50 lb per spyndle, with much larger jumps above this weight.

It pained Dean to see her 30 pounds thinner, wearing an ill fitting wig in place of her waist-length ebony hair, but her indomitable spirit continued to leave him in awe.

By 1890 imports had risen to 790,261 pounds, and thereafter fluctuated greatly, standing at only 473,598 pounds in 1893, but at 1,017,238 pounds in 1897, and 1,382,352 in 1901, but under abnormal conditions in 1904 this last amount was nearly doubled.