Sentence Examples with the word Potatoes

His attention never wavered and Carmen kept her expression bland as she slapped the potatoes on her plate and then returned the spoon to the bowl.

Frank has claimed to have found oats, buckbeans, spurry, turnips, mustard, potatoes and Norway maples exercising it; Nobbe and others have imputed its possession to Elaeagnus.

Then he put a few chunks of carrots and potatoes on the plate.

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Katie was peeling potatoes at the kitchen sink and Carmen was holding Destiny, watching her.

The distribution between the two islands of such important crops of arable land as cereals and potatoes is indicated in Table V.

The clover-grass ley is then grazed for a year or two with sheep, after which wheat and potatoes are the chief crops grown on the land.

Altogether nearly 16 million acres of Russian Poland, or almost one-half of the total area, are under crops, principally rye, oats, wheat, barley, potatoes and hay, with some flax, hemp, peas, buckwheat and hops.

The sustenance of the poorer classes is chiefly composed of fish, potatoes and gofio, which is merely Indian corn or wheat roasted, ground and kneaded with water or milk.

The principal crops are wheat, oats, hay, fruits, hops, potatoes and miscellaneous vegetables.

Katie stood and carried the pan of potatoes to the sink.