Sentence Examples with the word Portraits

But, if our estimate of the merits of his speeches is moderated by doubts as to his right to introduce them at all, no such scruples interfere with our admiration for the skill with which he has drawn the portraits of the great men who figure in his pages.

He is known to have painted portraits of two of the king's mistresses, Cecilia Gallerani and Lucrezia Crivelli.

Rhyn took in the small marble statues and portraits of wealthy Venetians on the walls.

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The 18th-century series of portraits of the archbishops of Ravenna is no doubt copied from an earlier original.

Upon it the four main business streets, the Grimmaische-, the Peters-, the Hainand the Katharinen-strassen, converge, and its north side is occupied by the beautiful old Rathaus,.a Gothic edifice built by the burgomaster Hieronymus Lotter in 1556, and containing life-size portraits of the Saxon rulers.

His portraits of Washington do not appeal so strongly to Americans as do those of Gilbert Stuart, but his admitted skill as a draughtsman gives to all of his work considerable historical value.

Herriot, Madame de Recamier et ses amis (1904); Sainte-Beuve in Derniers portraits litteraires (B.

Darnley was esteemed handsome, though his portraits give an opposite impression; his native qualities of cowardice, perfidy, profligacy and overweening arrogance were at first concealed, and in mid April 1565 Lethington was sent to London, not to renew the negotiations with Leicester (as had been designed till the 31st of March), but to announce Mary's intended wedding with her cousin.

Its museum, which is of great historical and artistic value and includes a collection of portraits of the Peruvian viceroys and presidents, is in the upper floors of the Exposition Palace.

It may be worth while, therefore, previously to advert to those curious imaginary portraits of him which even down to the present day confidently challenge the faith of the landsman.