Sentence Examples with the word Pondered

A week ago she might have pondered the longevity of their marriage.

The more I pondered over this harpooneer, the more I abominated the thought of sleeping with him.

Once I was alone again, I pondered my unilateral decision to speak directly to Ethel Reagan as I sipped on cold coffee.

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She pondered a few minutes and then smiled.

He began to think of quitting the world, and pondered a plan for establishing a kind of humanistic convent, where he might dedicate himself, in the company of kindred spirits, to still severer studies and a closer communion with God.

She pondered the spaceship dilemma and how to commission one to take her home without Evelyn, Romas, or anyone else finding out.

Cicero pondered over the fact; Arcesilaus explained the secession to the Epicurean camp, compared with the fact that no Epicurean was ever known to have abandoned his school, by saying that, though it was possible for a man to be turned into a eunuch, no eunuch could ever become a man.

I pondered the known facts.

I pondered some time without fully comprehending the reason for this.

Dean had pondered that very question during his sheep-counting hours the prior night.