Sentence Examples with the word Policies

Unfortunately these differences, growing out of the opposite policies of the two countries at the court of Madrid, increased in each succeeding year; and a constant but sterile rivalry was kept up, which ended in results more or less humiliating and injurious to both nations.

Such mistakes as, for instance, the replacing of Catinat by Villeroi may be attributed to her, but not whole policies - notably, according to Saint-Simon, not the policy with regard to the Spanish succession.

Existing policies on Emu, Schengen and the Amsterdam Treaty's provisions on flexibility, perhaps foreshadowed this approach.

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It was the losses entailed upon her commerce by the commercial policy of Jefferson's administration that embittered Boston against the Democratic-Republican party and put her public men in the forefront of the opposition to its policies that culminated in lukewarmness toward the War of 1812, and in the Hartford Convention of 1814.

Johnson took a prominent and undignified part in the congressional campaign of 1866, in which his policies were voted down by the North.

And presented to Pitt a plan for a campaign against the French in Canada, to begin with the investment of Quebec. In 1757 Pitt appointed him governor of Massachusetts,' in which officehe heartily supported Pitt's policy during the Seven Years' War, and in 1758 encouraged the equipment of a force of 7000 men, to be recruited and armed in New England; but the French power in America once broken, Pownall came more directly under the influence of the lords of trade, and his unwillingness, to carry out the repressive policies of that body caused his.

On his return he was appointed chief of staff, serving until 1914, when he was again given command of the Eastern Department, General Wood often had disapproved the policies of the War Department, and as early as 1908 had urged preparedness.

The ruling helped engender optimism that stronger, more enlightened policies could soon emerge in the Olympic movement.

In 1900, although he wished to serve another term as governor in order to complete and establish certain policies within the state, he was nominated for the vice-presidency of the United States on the ticket with President McKinley by the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia in spite of his protest.

It was necessary to prevent the enemy from receiving information; it was necessary to avoid publishing information that would unnecessarily alarm British people or their Allies, or mislead neutrals as to the progress of the war; and it was also necessary for British censors to pay due regard to the censorship policies of other countries with whom Great Britain was associated.