Sentence Examples with the word Policemen

So disordered, self-condemning is his look, that had there been policemen in those days, Jonah, on the mere suspicion of something wrong, had been arrested ere he touched a deck.

A city of the third class must elect a mayor, seven councilmen, a treasurer, a health officer, a clerk and an attorney, and its mayor must apoint a marshal, a police justice and as many policemen as the council provides for.

The hopelessly vicious policemen hated him, but no man ever had a stronger personal hold upon the great body of the honest officers - a hold which existed long after he left the police department, and was frequently expressed by members of the force as he passed through the city streets.

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Towards the end of the reign of Alexander II., the government, in order to preserve order in the country districts, also created a special class of mounted rural policemen (uryadniki, from uriad, order), who, armed with power to arrest all suspects on the spot, rapidly became the terror of the countryside.