Sentence Examples with the word Polarizer

At one end of the instrument is placed a polarizer and the biquartz, and at the other a Galilean telescope, that must be focused on the edge of biquartz, having in front of its object-glass the compensator and an analyser that is regulated for producing the sensitive tint, when the plates of the compensator have the same thickness.

If measurements be required, the plate must have a motion round an axis perpendicular to that of the optical systems, and also about an axis normal to its faces; the polarizer and analyser must also be capable of adjustment.

If in the interference experiment with Fresnel's mirrors or biprism the slit be illuminated with white light that has passed through a polarizer and a quartz plate cut perpendicularly to the optic axis, it is found on analysing the light that in addition to the ordinary central set of coloured fringes two lateral systems are seen, one on either side of it.

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Thus a bar of glass of sufficient thickness, placed in the diagonal position between a crossed polarizer and analyser and bent in a plane perpendicular to that of vision, exhibits two sets of coloured bands separated by a neutral line, the double refraction being positive on the dilated and negative on the compressed side.

Arago in 1811 found that in the case of white light and with moderately thin plates the transmitted light is no longer white but coloured, a variation of brightness but not of tint being produced when the polarizer and analyser being crossed are rotated together, while the rotation of the analyser alone produces a change of colour, which passes through white into the complementary tint.

This latter process is termed analysation, and an instrument is called a polarizer or an analyser according as it is used for the first or the second of these purposes.

When the retardation of phase for light of mean period is it or a small multiple of it a crystalline plate placed between a crossed polarizer and analyser exhibits in white light a distinctive greyish violet colour, known as a sensitive tint from the fact that it changes rapidly to blue or red, when the retardation is very slightly increased or diminished.

For examining preparations in polarized light a polarizer D is introduced n the illuminating apparatus below the diaphragm and an analyser E ai.

With a combination of plates in plane-polarized and plane-analysed light the interference pattern with monochromatic light is generally very complicated, the dark curves when polarizer and analyser are crossed being replaced by isolated dark spots or segments of lines.

In general a stream of plane-polarized light undergoes no change in traversing a plate of an uniaxal crystal in the direction of its axis, and when the emergent stream is analysed, the light, if originally white, is found to be colourless and to be extinguished when the polarizer and analyser are crossed.