Sentence Examples with the word Poesie

While much that Herder produced after settling in Weimar has little value, he wrote also some of his best works, among others his collection of popular poetry on which he had been engaged for many years, Stimmen der Volker in Liedern (1778-1779); his translation of the Spanish romances of the Cid (1805); his celebrated work on Hebrew poetry, Vom Geist der hebrdischen Poesie (1782-1783); and his opus magnum, the Ideen zur Philosophie der Geschichte der Menschheit (1784-1791).

Christ, Geschichte der griechischen Litteratur; Mahaffy, Greek Life and Thought from the Age of Alexander to the Roman Empire; Couat, La Poesie alexandrine; and especially Susemihl, Geschichte der griechischen Litteratur in der Alexandrinerzeit.

His friends there exerted themselves to obtain for him the office of keeper of the royal library, but Frederick had not forgotten Lessing's quarrel with Voltaire, and declined to consider his claims. During the two years which Lessing now spent in the Prussian capital, he was restless and unhappy, yet it was during this period that he published two of his greatest works, Laokoon, oder fiber die Grenzen der Malerei and Poesie (1766) and Minna von Barnhelm (1767).

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Cholevius, in his Geschichte der deutschen Poesie nach ihren antiken Elementen (1854), pointed out the connexion of the legend with the Oedipus story.

See also Bois, La Poesie gnomique chez z.

Girard, E tudes sur la poesie grecque (1884); Kaibel in PaulyWissowa's Realencyclopddie, according to whom Epicharmus was a Siceliot; for the papyrus fragment, Blass in Jahrbiicher fur Philologie, cxxxix., 1889.

Also Sainte-Beuve, Tableau de la poesie francaise au X VI' siecle (1828); La Defense et illust.

Literary and General: Geschichte der deutschen Poesie im Mittelalter (1830); Handbuch einer allgemeinen Geschichte der Poesie (1832-33); Die Pddogogik als System (1848); Aesthetik des Hdsslichen (1853); Die Poesie and ihre Geschichte (1885); Studien (1839-47) and Neue Studien (1875-78).