Sentence Examples with the word Pocock

As it was to a cat of the latter kind that Linnaeus gave the name of Felis catus, Pocock urges that this title is not available for the European wild cat, which he would call Felis sylvestris.

In 1762 Havana was captured after a long resistance by a British force under Admiral Sir George Pocock and the earl of Albemarle, with heavy loss to the besiegers.

Nymphonomorpha, Pocock (nov.) (fig.

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In living Arachnids, excepting the Pantopoda, it is either fused (with loss of its appendages) with the prosoma (Limulus, 1 Scorpio), after embryonic appearance, or is 1 Pocock suggests that the area marked vii.

Same leg (see for some sug epc, The articulated movable gestions on the morphology outgrowth of the coxa, called of this leg, Pocock in Quart.

English squadrons threatened the city several times in the first half of the 18th century, but it was not until 1762 than an investment, made by Admiral Sir George Pocock and the earl of Albemarle, was successful.