Sentence Examples with the word Plunged

In Holland and Germany, with Erasmus, Reuchlin and Melanchthon, it developed types of character, urbane, reflective, pointedly or gently critical, which, left to themselves, would not have plunged the north of Europe into the whirlpool of belligerent reform.

Thus, at the very time when the modernization of the means of national defence had become the first principle, in every other part of Europe, of the strongly centralized monarchies which were rising on the ruins of feudalism, the Hungarian magnates deliberately plunged their country back into the chaos of medievalism.

The France that he plunged into with such impetuosity was upon the verge of anarchy.

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Pliny's view of life is gloomy; he regards the human race as plunged in ruin and in misery (ii.

This crime was speedily followed by the Bolshevist chaos into which Munich was for a brief period plunged in April.

Something big plunged away through the brush and Alex swore under his breath.

The carbons can thus, by the application of suitable mechanism, be withdrawn from or plunged into the furnace at will.

Immersio, dipping), the act of being plunged into a fluid, or being overwhelmed by anything; in astronomy, the disappearance of a heavenly body in the shadow of another, especially of a satellite in the shadow of its primary.

He justified his appointment by his magnificent speech when the Disestablishment Bill reached the House of Lords in 1869, and then plunged into diocesan and general work in England.

The dog plunged from the forest as she dodged the closing screen door.