Sentence Examples with the word Plotting

I can see her in my rear view mirror, just sitting there, plotting a way they can escape.

A climax was reached when the difficulties with Russia arose which led to the Crimean War; the prince was accused by the peace party of wanting war, and by the war party of plotting surrender; and it came to be publicly rumoured that the queen's husband had been found conspiring against the state, and had been committed to the Tower.

By plotting and averaging he obtained the following results: Ex,cess of Deflection and straining Action of a moving Load over that due to a resting Load.

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She was plotting her return with a chain of events that ended with the human that bore her likeness being turned over to Darkyn.

But he was secretly plotting rebellion, disgusted (as it would seem) that Edward had not transferred the crown of Scotland to the line of Bruce when the house of Baliol was found wanting.

No matter what, she.d be safer at the Sanctuary than at the castle, now that the Council was in disarray and the demons were plotting in the forest.

She felt very alone as she realized his plotting was not the result of a few months of planning but the maneuvers of a calculating, patient man.

Two kids plotting against a bully, exploring new haunts, exchanging secrets, making up games and building a club house together.

Between those born in Cuba and those born in Spain), the question of annexation to the United States or possibly to some other power, the plotting for independence, all go back to the early years of the century.

The celluloid sheet is laid upon the squared paper, and in plotting a curve horizontal distances are reckoned from the proper demagnetization line instead of from the vertical axis.