Sentence Examples with the word Players

Wilhelm Meister is a work of extraordinary variety, ranging from the commonplace realism of the troupe of strolling players to the poetic romanticism of Mignon and the harper; its flashes of intuitive criticism and its weighty apothegms add to its value as a Bildungsroman in the best sense of that word.

Ordinarily a match team consists of four rinks of four players each, or sixteen men in all.

He deserves the gratitude of all players for his many services to the game.

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The movements of the Russian and French armies during the campaign from Moscow back to the Niemen were like those in a game of Russian blindman's bluff, in which two players are blindfolded and one of them occasionally rings a little bell to inform the catcher of his whereabouts.

The genius of the modern pianoforte is to produce richness by depth and variety of tone; and players who cannot find scope for such genius in the real part-writing of the 18th century will not get any nearer to the 18th-century spirit by sacrificing the essentials of its art to an attempt to imitate its mechanical resources by a modern tour de force.

He gained his first distinctions not in literature but in chess, being reputed, before he was twenty, one of the first players in the world.

Like Loco Lil, the madam at the Bird Cage, piano players and the gamblers.

In Scotland the public greens are selfsupporting, from a charge, which includes the use of bowls, of one penny an hour for each player; in London the upkeep of the greens falls on the rates, but players must provide their own bowls.

The players play in couples - the first on both sides, then the second and so on.

He didn't believe she was interacting with real people and instead called the other online players invisible friends.