Sentence Examples with the word Platted

The east side was platted in the summer of 1835, and very soon afterward the plat of a settlement on the west side was also recorded, Byron Kilbourn being the chief projector and proprietor of the latter.

The settlement of the place, then called the Grand Traverse of the Flint, began in 1820, but Flint's growth was very slow until 1831, when it was platted as a village; it was chartered as a city in 1855.

Was platted in 1859 and was chartered as a city in 1869.

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A trading-post licensed by the United States government was opened here in 1853, and a town platted in 1854.

Zanesville was first platted in 1800 by Ebenezer Zane (r 747181 r) of Wheeling, Virginia (now West Virginia), his brother Jonathan, and John McIntire, his son-in-law, of Alexandria, Va., who under an act of Congress of 1796 surveyed a road from Wheeling to what is now Maysville, Kentucky, and received for this service three sections of land.

No spindle-whorls were found, but there were many varieties of cloth, platted and woven, bundles of yarn and balls of string.

Of these municipalities Wyandotte, the oldest, was originally settled by the Wyandotte Indians in 1843; it was platted and settled by whites in 1857; and was incorporated as a town in 1858, and as a city in 1859.

Dawson, and others, largely Southern politicians and members of Congress, bought lands here and platted a town which was named Superior.