Sentence Examples with the word Plated

Among the manufactures of the borough are sterling silver articles, plated and britannia ware, brass ware, rubber goods, cutlery and edge tools.

Little change, however, seems to have been made since the time of Ibn Jubair, who describes the floor and walls as overlaid with richly variegated marbles, and the upper half of the walls as plated with silver thickly gilt, while the roof was veiled with coloured silk.

Hence processes have been patented in which the objects to be plated are suspended in revolving drums between the anodes, the rotation of the drum causing the constant renewal of surfaces and affording a burnishing action at the same time.

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This stream furnishes good water power, and the village has manufactories of cotton and woollen goods, lumber, woodenware, gold and silver plated ware, carriages, wagons and screens.

Severe simplicity is also most in harmony with constructional designs in plated work, where stresses occur in straight lines.

Pieces of polished alabaster and marble, with small pieces of pure gold and gold-headed copper nails, found on and about the top of the second stage, indicated that a small but richly adorned sacred chamber, apparently plated within or without in gold, formerly crowned the top of this structure.

The door to this stair (called the door of mercy - Bab el-Rahma) was plated with silver by the caliph Motawakkil.

C, Ventral groove, where lies the water - vessel, from which branches pass through the ossicle,emerg huge podia with a granular or plated skin.

The walls were brilliantly coloured, and sometimes plated with bronze or gold as well as with tiles.

The disks were 10 cms. in diam., and nearly 2 cms. thick, plated with copper to a thickness of 2 mm.