Sentence Examples with the word Plateaus

An instructive example of the similar destruction of a much younger platform is to be found in the terraced plateaus of Skye, Eigg, Canna, Muck, Mull and Morven, which are portions of what was probably originally a continuous plain of basalt.

Thus there is here a gap, easily traversed, across the Appalachian mountains and plateaus to the more level and fertile plains beyond.

Those which inhabit the high plateaus or Pacific slope of the Andes; in these there are 4 (sometimes 5) pedal papillae, and the nephridial openings of the 4th and 5th legs are on the third pad; and (2) the Caribbean species, viz.

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The birch in the loftier alpine tracts and plateaus becomes a shrub (Betula nana, B.

Faulting, probably in Pliocene times, lowered the basaltic plateaus to form the basin of Lough Neagh, leaving the eastern scarp at heights ranging up to 1800 ft.

Side of the river upon two terraces or plateaus - the first about 60 ft., the second from 100 to 150 ft., above low water - and upon hills which enclose these terraces on three sides in the form of an amphitheatre, rising to a height of about 400 ft.

The flora of the high plateaus consists chiefly of grasses, notably various kinds of alfa or esparto, and aromatic herbs.

The song and insectivorous birds - thrushes, flycatchers, vireos and woodpeckers - of this latitude, are well represented, and the high plateaus (particularly the Pocono plateau) have especial ornithological interest as the tarrying-places, during the migratory seasons, of many species of birds whose natural breeding ground is much farther north.

At the least there should be some consideration of four separate systems of discovery - the Eastern, in which Chinese and Japanese explorers acquired knowledge of the geography of Asia, and felt their way towards Europe and America; the Western, in which the dominant races of the Mexican and South American plateaus extended their knowledge of the American continent before Columbus; the Polynesian, in which the conquering races of the Pacific Islands found their way from group to group; and the Mediterranean.

The dominating features of south New Zealand are not ferny plateaus or volcanic cones, but stern chains of mountains.