Sentence Examples with the word Plants

The walls were filled with books while plants added to the warm and homey atmosphere.

F ae thought that the sky was a goddess Nut, whom the god cepi w held aloof from her husband Keb the earth, on whose back At 1 plants and trees grew.

This type of structure, which is extremely various in its details, is found especially, as we should expect, in plants which have to economize their water supply.

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The bast fibres of Cannabis are the hemp of commerce, but, unfortunately, the products from many totally different plants are often included under the general name of hemp. In some cases the fibre is obtained from the stem, while in others it comes from the leaf.

The leaves are glaucous and smooth like those of a swede turnip. For a seed-crop rape is sown in July or early August in order that the plants may be strong enough to pass the winter uninjured.

Leaves of planes are abundant, and among the plants recorded are two figs, a laurel, a Robinia, a Grevillea and a palm.

When these plants were examined they had small swellings or nodules on their roots, while those grown in sterile sand without soil-extract had no nodules.

The bacteria, which are present in almost all soils, enter the root-hairs of their host plants and ultimately stimulate the production of an excrescent nodule, in which they live.

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Along the shore of Lake Champlain are a few species of maritime plants that remain from the time when portions of western Vermont were covered by the sea, and on the upper slopes of some of the higher mountains are a few Alpine species; these, however, are much less numerous on the Green Mountains of Vermont than on the White Mountains of New Hampshire.