Sentence Examples with the word Physiologus

On the other hand, the opinion of Cardinal Pitra, who referred the Physiologus to the more orthodox though somewhat peculiar teaching of the Alexandrians, is fully borne out by a close examination of the irregularities of doctrine pointed out in the Physiologus by Cahier, all which are to be met with in Origen.

As far as can be judged, the emblems of the original Physiologus were the following: (I) the lion (footprints rubbed out with tail; sleeps with eyes open; cubs receive life only three days after birth by their father's breath); (2) the sun-lizard (restores its sight by looking at the sun); (3) the charadrius (Deut.

A metrical Physiologus of but twelve chapters is the work of Theobaldus, probably abbot of Monte Cassino (A.D.

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And yet the fact that these reappear in the Physiologus would not suffice to stamp the work as a series of extracts from Alexandrian writings, as parallels of the same kind can be adduced 1 Origen, Sel.

The Greek text of the Physiologus exists only in late MSS., and has to be corrected from the translations.

A full account of the history of the Physiologus should also embrace the subjects taken from it in the productions of Christian art, the parodies suggested by the original work, e.g.

Critt., pp. 180-182, Hague, 1862); Physiologus syrus, ed.

The history of the Physiologus has become entwined from the beginning with that of the commentaries on the account of creation in Genesis.