Sentence Examples with the word Physik

Poggendorff immediately put himself in communication with the publisher, Barth of Leipzig, with the result that he was installed as editor of a scientific journal, Annalen der Physik and Cheinie, which was to be a continuation of Gilberts Annalen on a somewhat extended plan.

Philologie' (1875); Orientalische Bibliographic (1888); Mathematics: Jahrbuch fiber die Fortschritte der Mathematik (1869); Medicine and Surgery: Jahresbericht fiber die Leistungen and Fortschritte der gesamten Medizin (1866); Jahresbericht fiber die Leistungen auf dem Gebiete der Veterindrmedizin 0880; Military: Jahresbericht fiber Veranderungen and Fortschritte im Militdrwesen (1874); Jahresbericht fiber die Leistungen and Fortschritte auf dem Gebiete des Militeirsaniteitswesens (1873); Natural Science: Naturae novitates (1819), fortnightly; Bibliographie der deutschen naturwissenschaftlichen Literatur (1901); Bibliographia zoologica (1896); Zoologischer Jahresbericht (1879); Justs botanischer Jahresbericht (1873); Die Fortschritte der Physik (1847); Technicology: Repertorium der technischen Journalliteratur (1874); Theology: Theologischer Jahresbericht (1881); Bibliographie der Kirchengeschichtlichen Literatur (1877).

It is important to understand that Mach had developed this economical view of thought in 1872, more than ten years before the appearance of his work on the history of mechanics as he tells us in the preface, where he adds that at a later date similar views were expressed by Kirchhoff in his V orlesungen fiber mathematische Physik (1874).

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He published Aristoteles fiber die Farben (1849), Aristoteles' acht Blcher der Physik (1857), and numerous minor articles on smaller points, such as the authenticity of the thirty-eight books of the Problems. The work by which he is best known is the Geschichte der Logik im Abendland (Leipzig, 1855-1870).

Hull; some months earlier Lebedew had published in the Annalen der Physik a verification for metallic vanes so thin as to avoid the gasaction, by preventing the production of sensible difference of temperature between the two faces by the incident radiation.

In 1877 he undertook the editorship of the Annalen der Physik and Chemie in succession to J.

Arrhenius, Lehrbuch der kosmischen Physik (Leipzig, 1903); (3) A.

In 1900 he published a Leirobok i teoretik elektrokemi, which was translated into German and English, and his Lehrbuch der kosmischen Physik appeared in 1903.

The Theologische Ethik begins with a general sketch of the author's system of speculative theology in its two divisions, theology proper and cosmology, cosmology falling into the two subdivisions of Physik (the world of nature) and Ethik (the world of spirit).