Sentence Examples with the word Phlogistic

The phlogistic theory, which pervaded the chemical doctrine of this period, gave rise to continued study of the products of calcination and combustion; it thus happened that the knowledge of oxides and oxidation products was considerably developed.

He explained and simplified the process of obtaining phosphorus from urine, and made some admirable observations on phosphoric acid; but though he noted the increase in weight that attends the conversion of phosphorus into phosphoric acid he was content to remain an adherent of the phlogistic doctrine.

Lavoisier's name is indissolubly associated with the overthrow of the phlogistic doctrine that had dominated the development of chemistry for over a century, and with the establishment of the foundations upon which the modern science reposes.

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During the phlogistic period, the detection of the constituents of compounds was considerably developed.

Lavoisier adequately recognized and acknowledged how much he owed to the researches of others; to himself is due the co-ordination of these researches, and the welding of his results into a doctrine to which the phlogistic theory ultimately succumbed.

At the hands of Stahl and his school, the phlogistic theory, by exhibiting a fundamental similarity between all processes of combustion and by its remarkable flexibility, came to be a general theory of chemical action.

Had this not been the case he could scarcely have remained a firm believer in the phlogistic doctrine.

It thus happened that in the earlier treatises on phlogistic chemistry organic substances were grouped with all combustibles.

The theory advocated by Lavoisier came to displace the phlogistic conception; but at first its acceptance was slow.

Scheele, although they isolated oxygen, were fogged by the phlogistic tenets; and H.