Sentence Examples with the word Philosophie

Also Zeller, Socrates and the Socratic Schools; Dyeck, De Megaricorum doctrines (Bonn, 1827); Mallet, Histoire de l'ecole de Megare (Paris, 1845); Ritter, Ober die Philosophie der r meg.

Drobisch, Ober die Fortbildung der Philosophie durch Herbart (Leipzig, 1876); K.

Novaro, Die Philosophie des Nicolaus Malebranche (1893).

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His pupil, Oswald Kiilpe (1862), who bases his Grundriss der Psychologie on the hypothesis of unitary experience, says in his Einleitung in die Philosophie (1895; 4th ed.

Zart, Einfluss der englischen Philosophen seit Bacon auf die deutsche Philosophie des 'Ste p Jahrhunderts (Berlin, 1881).

The original sources of our knowledge of the Essenes have been mentioned at the beginning of this paper; the best modern discussions of them are to be found in such works as Zeller's Philosophie der Griechen, vol.

Emile Montegut translated Essais de philosophie americaine (1850) from Emerson; Revolution de 1688 (2 vols.

Schafer, Die Philosophie des Heraklit von Ephesus and die moderne Heraklitforschung (Leipzig, 1902); Wolfgang Schultz, Studien zur antiken Kultur, i.; Pythagoras and Heraklit (Leipzig, 1905); O.

Ladd, deal largely with this subject, which is also treated by Henry Sidgwick in his Philoso p hy, its Scope and Relations (1902), by Ernest Naville, La Definition de la philosophie (1894) and by Wundt in the introduction to his System der Philosophic (1889).

Renouvier, Manuel de philosophie moderne (Paris, 1842); V.