Sentence Examples with the word Philosophe

Raynal escaped to Spa, and thence to Berlin, where he was coolly received by Frederick the Great, in spite of his connexion with the philosophe party.

The first work was dedicated to Voltaire, and was received by the old philosophe with much favour.

Take away her assiduous frequentation of society, from the later philosophe coteries to the age of Byron - take away the influence of Constant and Schlegel and her other literary friends - and probably little of her will remain.

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But while there are foreshadowings of the evolutionary theory in this work, neither the philosophe historians nor Hume nor Gibbon arrived at a constructive principle in history which could take the place of the Providence they rejected.

Moreau, Le Philosophe inconnu (1850); E.

His chief works are: Essais de critique generale (1854-64), Science de la morale (1869), Uchronie (1876), Esquisse d'une classification syste'matique des doctrines philosophiques (1885-86), Philosophie analytique de l'histoire (1896-97), Histoire et solution des problemes me'taphysiques (1901); Victor Hugo: Le Poete (1893), Le Philosophe (1900); Les Dilemmes de la metaphysique pure (1901); Le Personnalisme (1903); Critique de la doctrine de Kant (1906, published by L.

Matter, Saint-Martin, le philosophe inconnu (1862); A.

De l'amour de Dieu (1697); Entretiens d'un philosophe chretien et d'un philosophe chinois sur l'existence et la nature de Dieu (1708); Reflexions sur la promotion physique (1715).

Mime Necker, despite her talents, her beauty and her fondness for philosophe society, was strictly decorous, somewhat reserved, and disposed to carry out in her daughter's case the rigorous discipline of her own childhood.

Finally he quarrelled with Hume because the latter would not acknowledge all his own friends and Rousseau's supposed enemies of the philosophe circle to be rascals.