Sentence Examples with the word Philipp

The Englishman Henry Holden (see above), the Frenchman Veronius (Francois Veron, S.J., 1575-1649) in his Regle generale de la foy catholique (1652), the German Philipp Neri Chrismann,' in his Regula fidei catholicae et collectio dogmatism credendorum (1792),2 all work at this task.

At the herbarium in Brussels are the specimens obtained by the traveller Karl Friedrich Philipp von Martius, the majority of which formed the groundwork of his Flora Brasiliensis.

P. Thompson, Philipp Reis, the Inventor of the Telephone (London, 1883).

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The most learned of modern Melanchthon scholars was probably Karl Hartfelder, who wrote Philipp Melanchthon als Praeceptor Germaniae (Berlin, 18 99); Melanchthoniana paedagogica (Leipzig, 1892), giving in the first named two full bibliographies, one of all works written on Melanchthon, the other of all works written by him (in chronological order).

Schwarz, Landgraf Philipp von Hessen and die Packschen Handel (Leipzig, 1881); J.

Jacobi, Erinnerungen an August Neander (1882); Philipp Schaff, Erinnerungen an Neander (1886); Adolph Harnack, Rede auf August Neander (1889); A.

By her first marriage she had a son, Philipp Veit,, who became an eminent painter.

And x.; German translation by Philipp Wolff, Bidpai's Fabeln (2 vols., 2nd ed., Stuttgart, 7839); the Anvar-i Suheili, Persian version of the Fables, translated by E.

In 1636 he met with a congenial spirit in William Crabtree, a draper of Broughton, near Manchester; and encouraged by his advice he exchanged the guidance of Philipp von Lansberg, a pretentious but inaccurate Belgian astronomer, for that of Kepler.

And Leopold von Toskana, ihr Briefwechsel (2 vols., 1872); Briefe der Kaiserin Maria Theresa an ihre Kinder and Freunde (4 vols., 1881); Marie Antoinette: Correspondance secrete entre Marie-Therese et le comte de Mercy-Argenteau (3 vols., Paris, 1875), in collaboration with Auguste Geffroy; Graf Philipp Cobenzl and seine Memoiren (1885); Correspondance secrete du comte de Mercy-Argenteau avec l'empereur Joseph II.