Sentence Examples with the word Phenyl

Aniline combines directly with alkyl iodides to form secondary and tertiary amines; boiled with carbon disulphide it gives sulphocarbanilide (diphenyl thio-urea), CS(NHC 6 H 5) 2, which may be decomposed into phenyl mustard-oil, C 6 H 5 CNS, and triphenyl guanidine, C 6 H 5 N: C(NHC6H5)2.

Anisol, phenyl methyl ether, C 6 H 5.

Fittig and Erdmann's observation that phenyl isocrotonic acid readily yielded a-naphthol by loss of water was of much importance, since it afforded valuable evidence as to the constitution of naphthalene.

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It may be synthesized 1py passing the vapour of phenyl butylene bromide over heated soda lime (B.

For phenyl derivatives of the cyclo- pentane group see F.

The benzyl group shows this remarkably well, since we see that phenyl is present, as is also methyl.

The aldehyde group also reacts with phenyl hydrazine to form two phenylhydrazones; under certain conditions a hydroxyl group adjacent to the aldehyde group is oxidized and glucosazone is produced; this glucosazone is decomposed by hydrochloric acid into phenyl hydrazine and the keto-aldehyde glucosone.

It forms a hydrazone with phenyl hydrazine, and an oxime with hydroxylamine.

It exists in two crystalline forms. Nitric acid passed into its chloroform solution gives phenyl diazonium nitrate.

Pechmann, Ber., 18 9 5, 28, p. 857); by distilling anisic acid (paramethoxy benzoic acid) with baryta or by boiling phenyl diazonium chloride with methyl alcohol.