Sentence Examples with the word Phenanthrene

Formulae have been proposed by Pschorr and Knorr explaining this and other decompositions (in Pschorr's formula the morphine ring system is a fusion of a phenanthrene and pyridine nucleus); another formula, containing a fusion of a phenanthrene with a pyrrol ring, was proposed by Bucherer in'1907.

With picric acid it forms a sparingly soluble picrate, which melts at 145 0 C. On the condition of phenanthrene in alcoholic solution see R.

For naphthalene quinones see Naphthalene; for anthracene quinone see Anthraquinone; and for phenanthrene quinone see Phena Nt H Rene.

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Phenazone is an isomer of phenazine, to which it bears the same relation that phenanthrene bears to anthracene.

Benzenoid rings as represented by the symbols: - Anthracene Phenanthrene In both cases the medial ring is most readily attacked; and various formulae have been devised which are claimed by their authors to represent this and other facts.

But it must be here understood that each member of these condensed nuclei need not necessarily be identical in structure; thus the central nuclei in anthracene and phenanthrene differ very considerably from the terminal nuclei (see below, Condensed Nuclei).

The presence of the phenanthrene nucleus and the chain system CH 3 N C C follows from the fact that these alkaloids, by appropriate treatment, yield a substituted phenanthrene and also dimethylaminoethanol (CH3)2N CH2 CH20H.