Sentence Examples with the word Pete

He finally glanced down at Pete and straightened in the saddle, removing his leg from the horn and placing it in the stirrup.

Of the others, only Pete seemed to be paying any attention to their peril.

Bordeaux paused beside Pete and spoke to him for a moment before he strolled over to join Cassie.

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She filled her plate and sat down cross-legged between Pete and Davis.

Why Pete hired you instead of a man, I'll never understand.

Hours later, baked by the sun and choked with dust, Pete finally called a halt for the day.

No, Pete spotted them afore they saw us, so we got away.

No wonder the cavalry wanted you bad enough to pay you twice what they thought Pete might pay.

Their food arrived about the same time as Pete and Bordeaux.

That was why Pete chose the route - less risk of being robbed.