Sentence Examples with the word Personified

In Hinduism the various implements of sacrifice are similarly personified and worshipped, especially the sacrificial post to which the victim is bound, and which, under the name of vanaspall and svaru, is deified and invoked.

It may be supposed that these crude fancies embody a dim recognition of the physical forces and objects personified under the forms of deities, and a rude attempt to account for their genesis as a natural process.

So Bruno constructed a personified nature, and the scientific and humanistic era began.

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They retained the belief that the germs of all things slept for ages within the dark flood, personified as Min or NU.

In the Positive state, inherent volition or external volition and inherent force or abstraction personified have both disappeared from men's minds, and the explanation of a phenomenon means a reference of it, by way of succession or resemblance, to some other phenomenon, - means the establishment of a relation between the given fact and some more general fact.

She is personified as a widowed princess, bereaved and desolate, sitting amid the ruins of her former joys, and brooding over her calamities.

Her head was tipped back so that she could see his face and her excitement was personified in the dancing of her pony tail.

This tendency to evolve the whole myth of Prometheus from a belief that he is personified fire, or the fire-god, has been intensified by Kuhn's ingenious and plausible etymology of the name l po n 0EUs.

The general conclusion is that many of the Greek deities were originally elemental, the elements being personified in accordance with the laws of savage imaginations.

It was not merely for conquest and tribute that the fierce Mexicans ravaged the neighbourlands, but they had a stronger motive than either in the desire to obtain multitudes of prisoners whose hearts were to be torn out by the sacrificing priests to propitiate a pantheon of gods who well personified their bloodthirsty worshippers.