Sentence Examples with the word Persis

The natural features of Persis are described very exactly by Nearchus, the admiral of Alexander the Great (preserved by Arrian Indic. 40 and Strabo xv.

Native princes probably ruled in Persis before 166, though the district was at least nominally subject to Antiochus IV.

The most important event in the protracted war which led to the conquest of Iran, was the battle of Nehawend in 641; 2 the most obstinate resistance was offered by Persis proper, and especially by the capital, Istakhr (Persepolis).

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While the central provinces, Media and northern Babylonia, were conquered by the Parthians, Mesene, Elymais and Persis made themselves independent.

One precious document is the decree of Antioch in Persis (about 206 B.C.) cited in a recently discovered inscription (Kern, Inschr.

Soon after Antiochus's accession, Media and Persis revolted under their governors, the brothers Molon and Alexander.

Marc. 23, 6, 49), Laodicea in the east of Persis (Plin.

But Persis lies too far off from the centre of the Asiatic world to be the seat of government.

In 316 B.C. Persepolis was still the capital of Persis as a province of the great Macedonian Empire (see Diod.

After the reign of Xerxes, Persis and Persepolis became utterly neglected, in spite of occasional visits, and even the palaces of Persepolis remained in part unfinished.