Sentence Examples with the word Perez

Montero y Perez (Alicante, 1890).

In 1591 the support given by the Aragonese to Antonio Perez led to the invasion of their country by a Castilian army.

It is said that he discovered the love intrigue between Antonio Perez and the widowed princess of Eboli, Ana Mendoza de la Cerda.

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Nothing is known of the family with certainty; but the name is familiar from the interesting romance of Gines Perez de Hita, Guerras civiles de Granada, which celebrates the feuds of the Abencerrages and the rival family of the Zegris, and the cruel treatment to which the former were subjected.

Pio Perez (in Stephens, Incidents of Travel in Yucatan) and in the remarkable 16th century Relation de las cocas de Yucatan by Diego de Landa, published by Brasseur de Bourbourg (Paris, 1864).

The immediate effect was to raise Perez higher than ever in the royal confidence and favour, but, wary though the secretary had been, he had not succeeded in obliterating all trace of his connexion with the crime, and very soon a prosecution was set on foot by the representatives of the murdered man.

For a time Philip was both willing and able to protect his accomplice, but ultimately he appears to have listened to those who, whether truly or falsely, were continually suggesting that Perez had had motives of his own, arising out of his relations with the princess of Eboli, for compassing the assassination of Don John's secretary; be this as it may, from trying to screen Perez the king came to be the secret instigator of those who sought his ruin.

Manuel Murillo Toro (1872-1874) and Santiago Perez (1874-1876) saw the country apparently acquiring constitutional equilibrium, and turning its energies to the development of its matchless resources.

This did not suit Philip, who, although he instituted a process in the supreme tribunal of Aragon, speedily abandoned it and caused Perez to be attacked from another side, the charge of heresy being now preferred, arising out of certain reckless and even blasphe On the other hand it is suggested that this story of his being the son of Gomez was only circulated by Ruy Gomez's wife, Ana de Mendoza, as a refutation of the possibility of a supposed amour between her and Perez.

He devoted some volumes to a history of Spain, which had a well-deserved success - Charles Quint, son abdication, son sejour, et sa mort au monastere de Yuste (1845); Antonio Perez et Philippe II.