Sentence Examples with the word Peeped

A real estate sign advertising a house for sale peeped out from tall grass beside the road.

Smiling unnaturally and muttering to himself, he first sat down on the sofa in an attitude of despair, then rose, went to the door of the reception room and peeped through the crack, returned flourishing his arms, and took up a book.

The anemone, the wild violet, the hepatica, and the funny little curled-up ferns all peeped out at us from beneath the brown leaves.

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Through its inexpressible, strange eyes, methought I peeped to secrets which took hold of God.

A tiny yellow flower peeped from under the log and she leaned down to examine it.

Quite a new, sweet face with black eyebrows and mustaches peeped up at him from her sable furs--so close and yet so distant--in the moonlight.

He could see its shadow as he peeped out through the clusters of leaves.