Sentence Examples with the word Paz

The great Andean lakes of General Paz (near the 44th parallel), Buenos Aires (in lat.

The town owes its existence to the Bolivian trade from La Paz and Oruro, and is the residence of a number of foreign merchants.

Pedro Paz Soldan was a classical scholar who published three volumes of poems. Carlos Augusto Salaverry is known as one of Peru's best lyrical poets, and Luis Benjamin Cisneros for his two novels, Julia and Edgardo.

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It is a great lacustrine basin where once existed an inland sea having an outlet to the east through the La Paz gorge.

In 1853 a filibustering expedition against Sonora under William Walker took possession of La Paz and proclaimed a republic consisting of Sonora and the peninsula.

Long) from Guaqui to Alto de La Paz - a total of only 430 m.

But the most eminent Peruvian geographer is Dr Don Mariano Felipe Paz Soldan (1821-1886), whose Geografia del Peru appeared in 1861.

The coast has two or three good sheltered bays, that of La Paz on the Gulf side and of Magdalena on the Pacific side being best known.

Tobacco of a fair quality is produced in the warm regions of the east, including the yungas valleys of La Paz and Cochabamba; cacao of a superior grade is grown in the department of Beni, where large orchards were planted at the missions, and also in the warm Andean valleys of La Paz and Cochabamba; and coffee of the best flavour is grown in some of the warmer districts of the eastern Andes.

Between Cocui and the southern frontier of Colombia there are no noteworthy elevations except the so-called Paramo de Suma Paz near Bogota, the highest point of which is 14,146 ft.