Sentence Examples with the word Pausing

Toni walked into the apartment like it was a catwalk, pausing every few feet to primp and pose.

Without pausing to fire, the men raced onward, but the French striking their outer wing rolled up the whole line in succession, the actual collision occurring in and near the Bruville ravine, a deep-cut natural trench which, starting from the Tronville copses, here intersects the plateau from west to east.

I am here, my dearest Mummy, she kept on whispering, not pausing an instant.

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He emerged from his defensive position, pausing near her.

He walked down the hill, pausing a reverent moment at the headstone, and then ducked under a limb as he continued down the hill.

She filled the canteens and started back to camp, pausing when Bordeaux emerged from the bushes below.

She searched through the pages, pausing to examine the flower.

Brutus wandered upstream, pausing to lap at the cool water.

Without waiting for her to reply, he strode away, pausing only long enough to shrug into his denim jacket.

He was reckless and unstable, resorting often to lying and deceit, and never pausing to count the cost of an enterprise or troubling to adapt means to ends.